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Welcome to my Stuffstable blog; a hobby-project of blogging and webpage development.
Stuffstable began life as an idea for a 'stable of interesting shtuifft' and morphed into a blog.

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    Fairy Forest by (pseud.) Kriss Simone. Sara is only six years old but already she has learned about some of life's hardships and heartaches. With the loss of her brother, her parents' separation and now having to endure life with her neglectful, drunken and abusive mother she also has to contend with being bullied by "those girls" both in and after school. By accident Sara discovers another world in the forest at the end of her road, things she had thought were only in stories and make believe were as real as you and I. A commune of fairy folk take Sara into their hearts and with their wisdom, protection and love, Sara's life becomes bearable once more. The fairies she befriends bestow comeuppance on her tormentors in a mischievous but not dangerous way in order to teach them the error of their ways. So with a mix of sadness, mystery, humour, and spiritual uplifting, this book is a must for everyone's child and the child in everyone.           [Keywords: Fantasy, Magic, Fairies]

    Available Here.      [Printed Book USD/$5.85; Ebook USD/$2.79]
    Fairy Forest book

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