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Article 5.1      April11, 2021

Limericks of Our Lives

A few snippets from my published Limericks article.

In the Beginning...

I penned my first limerick on Facebook with the intention of making an internet repeating scientific joke more interesting.

It was well received so I decided to try my hand at more and they are included in this article.

I intend to write more limericks in the future and perhaps I can follow in the footsteps of the great limerick writer Edward Lear?

We never really know our future path.

Scientist Limerick I

A chemist that you knew,

Drank H2O with you,

But when his friend died,

We laughed and then cried,

He'd asked for H2O too.

(An explanation is in the 'And Finally' paragraph in the main article)

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Article 5.2      April 11, 2021

Limericks II of Our Lives

A few snippets from my published Limericks article.

Apartment Life

I haven’t an earthly clue

And I don’t know what to do

All my money is spent

I can't pay my rent

I think I’m in trouble, don’t you?

I defrosted my apartment refrigerator

It really needed doing sooner or later

Now it bangs and pops

Every hour, never stops

Is my landlord a self-defroster hater?

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Article 5.3      April 11, 2021

Limericks III of Our Lives

A few snippets from my published Limericks article.

Apartment Life

My electric fan blade has just shattered

The fan guard did save me being battered

Switched-on, it began to oscillate

Just seconds, an enormous high rate

Turned it off, but too slow, that’s what mattered

When an electric fan breaks its blade

I start to wonder how it's made

Perhaps cheap material

Cutting costs that's usual

But it wasn't a cheap price that I had paid

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covid19 pic

Article 5.4      April 11, 2021

Limericks of Our Lives – COV-ID19

A few snippets from my published Limericks article.

New Kid in Town

The new kid in town is COV-ID19

The latest corona virus to hit the scene

It’s not alive, not a living organism

But it has put an end to all the tourism

To defeat it we gotta keep very clean

Because it’s not living, not alive

It can’t be killed but it can only thrive

In cold places, damp and dark

So let’s go, get on your mark

For dry, warm, bright environments let’s strive

COVID19 is a single strand of RNA not DNA

But I’ve heard different, I can hear you say

Its outer protective layer is lipid (fat)

So the key to erasing it, we know, is that

We can dissolve it, deactivate it, wash it away

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electrical sockets pic

Article 5.5      April 11, 2021

Limericks of Our Lives - Electric

A few snippets from my published Limericks article.

Electr-ical-onical Fields are Separate Professions

Electrical and Electronic fields and terms are not the same

The Engineers and Technicians work in a different plane

Electrical deals with Electricity Conversion, Transmission

Electronic circuits do signal, data processing, control, manipulation

Electronics is an extension not a subset of Electrical's reign

Direct (battery) Current is termed DC

The Mains current is Alternating, it’s AC

CCF is Conventional Current Flow

Electron flow is the opposite, you know

These standard terms we currently use, you see

DC, it goes directly on its way

AC travels in alternating play

DC is one-way, that’s direct

AC is two-way, a change-round effect

Neither is better, both methods have their day

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